Just enough React: Getting ready for Gutenberg

Just enough React

In 2018, WordPress will modernize, streamline, and simplify the content creation experience with Gutenberg. It represents the biggest change to the WordPress user experience in several years.

This session will teach just enough React for theme and plugin developers to start using Gutenberg today. Colour palettes, meta boxes, reusable blocks: all the new features, made easy. 

This presentation was given at WordCamp Vancouver 2018.

Shannon Smith is a platform services specialist with WordPress.com VIP/Automattic. She delivers content solutions to some of the biggest names in media, marketing, and enterprise. Shannon has over 15 years experience in open source web development. She is a long-time supporter of diversity, accessibility and internationalization, and was a WordPress Montreal community organizer for seven years. Shannon is also a hiker, poet, and mum of four.

La revue de code: une arme secrète à portée de tous

Présenté lors de Web à Québec 2018

Avez-vous déjà passé des heures sans pouvoir déchiffrer le code d’un tiers? Votre application ne fonctionne pas et vous ne savez pas pourquoi. Le temps presse et vous ne pouvez manquer la date limite prévue, votre arme secrète: la revue de code. Quels sont les avantages? Comment démarrer une bonne revue de code? Quels sont les meilleurs outils? WordPress.com propulse des millions de sites web. Leur service VIP, pour les grandes entreprises, reçoit à lui seul reçoit 2,5 milliards de pages vues par mois. En misant sur WordPress.com, on ne peut pas se tromper. Venez assister à une introduction sur les bonnes techniques qu’on peut mettre en place, et ce, peu importe l’échelle.

Un grand merci à mes collègues qui ont partagé leur expérience dans la domaine: Mo Jangda, Ryan Markel, et Phil John.

Gutenberg and the future of WordPress | Gutenberg et le futur de WordPress

This Monday I gave a talk on Gutenberg and the future of WordPress for the Montreal WordPress Community.

Slides are here:

The talk included a demo of testgutenberg.com with a contest and prizes. But also an introduction to how Gutenberg is built with “just enough React js” to get started building custom blocks and templates, converting metaboxes, etc. There was also a “How you can contribute right now! (even if you don’t code)” component, a mini promo for the New Contributors Chat Wednesdays at 4 EDT in the #core Slack channel on make.wordpress.org

There were tons of questions and people were really interested in the topic.

Many thanks to my team members for their assistance and for the Montreal WordPress Community for inviting me to speak.

Also, we're hiring!

And yes, this post was made with Gutenberg 🙂 

V.2 Oooh, Shiny! All the New CSS Toys for WordPress Theme Development

This weekend I gave an updated version of my talk on new CSS modules at WordCamp Montréal 2017. This talk is similar to the previous version, but with updated statistics, and Canada-specific statistics added.

Below is my talk description.

Check out all newest things that CSS can bring to WordPress theme development: CSS Filters, Feature Queries, Native Mixins, Grid Layout, Native Variables, and more. The W3C’s CSS Working Group is introducing a ton of new CSS modules in 2017. Learn how they work and when to use them. We’ll look at real examples that you can start using right now.

The talk is meant as a sampler of some new techniques that make CSS fun again. But I’d encourage you to follow the links in the slides to find tutorials and examples so that you can learn how to use these modules in more depth.

A couple of people asked questions after the talk, or requested more information.

I’d love some feedback, so please feel free to leave a comment!